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HeatBuddy extends the heat from your home furnace directly to you.  Opposed to alternative heating methods that can be unsafe and pose fire hazards.  HeatBuddy is a simple addition to your vent that brings soothing heat through a retractable hose that can improve your heating experience or function as a normal vent when stowed away.


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HeatBuddy provides heat where it matters by bringing focus to home heating.

Adaptable to various home vents

Can extend up to 10 feet. Installs in seconds. The next generation in heating vents at an affordable price. Easily recoup your investment with efficient heating.


In the struggle to find a balance of heat, the creators are experts in being dissatisfied with the disparate needs of their home heating.  The only one cold in the home? Been there.  Wanting to visit Grandma without hearing the kids complain of the heat?  Yep. Just wanting to watch a movie with the luxury of a hot spot on your couch? That’s us.

8.9.2018 – Qualified for seed money from Portland State University (Launch-in-9) program.
6.7.2018 – Semi-Finalists in the New Venture Championship 2019.

Matt Mellinger

Matt has a wide breadth of experience in leadership, manufacturing, and project management. Upon completing a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Matt entered a career as an Army Officer. Matt spent the latter half of his 10 year career leading Special Forces (SF) Soldiers in ambiguous political and military environments. Recently, Matt spent two years working in manufacturing, including an internship at Boeing, while completing his MBA with finance concentration.

Qiwu Zhu

With dual masters in Finance and Business Administration and dual bachelors in Economics and Psychology, Qiwu has well rounded skill sets to execute our company’s strategy and achieve our financial goals. Experienced in statistical modeling and financial modeling, Qiwu knows how to gain market share and achieve the intended economy of scale. A highlight of her career was facilitating the negotiation for a $15 million fund designated for municipal development during her time as a general manager in asset management in China.

Tracy Burridge

With over 15 years in the software development industry and 3 years in education, Tracy brings  a diverse and deep skillset of the SDLC. Working in startups of 5 and large corporations of 100,000 plus, Tracy understands team dynamics, business analytics and product development.  Tracy tailored her software career in the field of quality engineering and as a business analyst. Currently, Tracy works at a small software development company (.Net and SQL) as the lead SQE. Tracy volunteers as a tutor and visitor at the Oregon Youth Authority.

Sky Curtis

With an eye for the creative, as well as an understanding of the analytical, Sky brings many talents to the team. While completing his Masters of International Management, and after completing his B.S. in Marketing, he co-founded and managed a successful digital marketing firm. Through this work, Sky learned how to help small businesses, from Hawaiian coffee companies to Portland meatball shops, tell stories, build followings, and sell products on social media and through digital advertisement. Skilled at both the artistic and numerical sides of advertisements and brands, Sky also volunteers as a children’s marketing media literacy teacher.